Argentina based metal trio Motorbooze release debut album

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Motorbooze began to take shape just over five years ago. At that time Sebastian Taux joined the Scorpion Shaw's band as a guitarist. The band was already underway and moderately entrenched but, it was necessary to record new material, so immediately and without wasting time, they began working on a second album. Driven by the heavy and crude rock of bands like Down, BLS and COC, the way was clear: make modern and heavy songs but without losing the thrust and classic tone of a rock band. Over time the problems would come, some members leave the project and the agenda problems become constant. Stagnant, they knew that we had to take a new path. That's when the great Juan Della ceca (Drums) joins them in 2017 ... Motorbooze was born! By that time they already had enough songs to enter the studio though, the arrival of a stable bass player was still expected. The search was being more difficult than they expected and after trying with some unstable formations, they decide to start the recordings late in 2018. Crazy Rabbit Studios was the place chosen to start recording drums and bass. Under the supervision of Ariel Ranieri as an engineer and Martin de Pas as Drum doctor, Juan and Sebastian recorded 10 songs within 5 days. The next few months, in the band's studio, it would be the turn to record the guitars, vocals and overdubs. Already in 2019 the album was almost finished and when only details needed to be defined ... once again the agenda problems would arise. Convinced by the material they had, Juan and Sebastian, against wind and tide managed to bring the project to a good port by the end of the year the first album was already able to see the light. "01/01/2020" was the date chosen to publish it. Today, Motorbooze is currently celebrating the release of its first album and projecting gigs and future tours.

Band Line-Up: Scorpion Shaw: Lead Vocals Sebastián Taux: Guitars, Bass and backing vocals Juan Della Ceca: Drums, Percussions and backing vocals CD Track Listing 1. Blood 2. Obliterator 3. Nuclear Reactor 4. Motorbooze 5. Motherfucking Song 6. Roussian Roulette 7. Southern Hangover 8. Blackmoon Shadows 9. Mindset of Destruction 10. Chaos Maker Social Media Links: Facebook:


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