Today marks the release of Swedish rock barons Märvel's EP "Märvellous"

Märvels debut EP “Märvellous” claimed to be recorded in 2002 for the American label New York Powerhitters during the bands exchange semester in Colorado. Märvel returned to Sweden before the songs were released, and the EP never got to reach the ears of Märvels dedicated fans. Until now! After the success of their Guilty Pleasures album, the barons of rock has re-recorded their lost EP. After 17 exciting years of releasing albums and touring, Märvel have become a symbol in the modern Rock n Roll comunity, and their long tradition of writing hits while constantly developing their sound has enabled them to re-record an almost two-decade-old EP and make it sound as if it was written yesterday.

“Märvellous” was produced and recorded by Märvel in Solskensfabriken in the summer of 2019, mixed by Robert Pehrsson in Studio Humbucker and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.


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