SILVERTHORNE (feat. Pete Shoulder, Brian Tichy) to release debut EP 'Tear The Sky Wide Open'

SILVERTHORNE release their sublime debut EP 'Tear The Sky Wide Open' on 21st February on Golden Robot Records. Featuring the soaring powerhouse vocals of Englishman Pete Shoulder and drummer Brian Tichy, who has played with everyone from Whitesnake, Ozzy, Slash, Billy Idol, Foreigner and many more legendary artists, along with bassist Daniel Spree, Silverthorne have delivered a monstrous debut EP in the shape of 'Tear The Sky Wide Open'. With influences ranging from deep blues to hard rock, and acoustic folk to metal, when asked to describe their sound, Silverthorne replied, “With our studio located in the sprawling canyons on the outskirts of Los Angeles, the canyons and surroundings have an effect on the music we make.That atmosphere gives us space and solitude to focus on creating music with openness and freedom. No rules, no distractions, no limits!” Silverthorne also says of its sound; “You may hear elements that are not unlike being at a Led Zeppelin concert with Cream and Free opening, while Soundgarden and QOTSA hang at the bar.” 'Tear The Sky Wide Open' EP contains five soulful and earthy rock songs, released on 21st February on Golden Robot Records. Music that tips its hat to the classic rock bands of yesteryear as well as looking firmly to the future.

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