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Dino Jelusick of Dirty Shirley (George Lynch) releases Higher vocal video

I'm proud to present you "Higher". A rock/prog/funk/art/orchestral song. George and I feel that this is the best track on the record. This is a conceptual song that describes 3 phases of domestic violence and rape. Phase one starts with kinky voice of a father in verses, phase 2 is little girl screaming in chorus. Phase 3 is asking "why is she the victim" that comes after a magnificent guitar solo from Lynch and "dying" which happens with the last chord of the song. My strongest lyrical and music work lies in conceptual and prog songs (people that listened to my solo record I did in 2014 know that) I wrote so far. If you're a fan of Steven Wilson, Led Zeppelin, Ayreon, Genesis, Badlands, Dream Theater... , this is for ya. Enjoy.


Easily I find the hole

As she spreads her wings

So I pull the strings

Its the headche she brings

But she know somebody somewhere can make her scream and make her cry

So she waits and whispers, take me home lets learn, how to fly.

Can you take me higher

Higher then I've ever been

From all the souls you took, you could build an empire Over and over again

You cannot tame a fox on the run

But it might hesitate until you pull up a gun

From now on, I put myself in charge

Now undress real quick, and get on my...

Can you take me higher, or am I kissing the floor I think I might retire, till this turns into a cold war

Why are my eyes so blue

Why are my feet so cold

Tell me what did I do

Why am I the one to always act bold.

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