Old Harry releases debut E.P. ‘’Resurrection”

Old Harry’s debut release ‘’Resurrection E.P.” is going to establish them as modern torch bearers for heavy rock. Looking forward while simultaneously remaining loyal to their roots, Old Harry delivers the kind of melodic hard rock that is destined to be the new classic.

Bio: In 1992 Michael Vines and bassist David Olson laid the foundation of what was to become Old Harry in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The concept of the band was for it to be a vehicle for combining the most essential elements of hard rock and heavy metal into the ultimate incarnation of what a heavy band should be. After suffering through a seemingly endless succession of band members they found a vocalist in Rusty James Porter with Dustin Rhodes eventually finalizing the lineup on drums and vocals. This became the classic version of Old Harry. Over the next couple of years the band became an extremely tight force of nature thanks to steady gigging and tireless rehearsals, soon establishing their own sound and unique identity. Neither a backwards looking “retro" act or a trendy group desperately searching for the next trend to latch onto, Old Harry know exactly who and what they are. Writing sessions proved to be productive and songs were written, road tested and deemed good enough to be recorded for a demo tape. Everything was coming together perfectly. And then the band broke up and the songs lay dormant. Fast forward twenty five years and Old Harry are once again ready to share their music with the world. On December 6, 2019 Old Harry released their debut “Resurrection E.P.” and are currently preparing material for the follow up, which is due in the Spring of 2020. In an age of unoriginal retro wannabes and computerized, auto tuned “product”, the time is right for the real deal. Old Harry is here to provide the kind of ass kicking rock music the world has been missing. Line-up: Rusty James Porter –vocal Michael Vines –guitar David Olson –bass guitar Dustin Rhodes –drums Track Listing: 1. Slide 2. Six Black Nails 3. Never 4 Crank Web and Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/OLD-HARRY-101882937917137/


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