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JOHNNY DEE talks Britny Fox and any possible future for the band

Mike from 80s Glam Metalcast recently interviewed Johnny Dee about the rise and fall of Britny Fox. How Dizzy Dean Davidson destroyed the original line up and vibe of the band....grasping for critical acclaim and listening to voices outside of the band. Tried to get it back together in 2016, but personality clashes(once again) plaguing this band. Where are they now stuff - Dizzy Dean is in hiding, no one has heard any kind of music from him in many years- writing songs that no one has ever heard. Guitarist Michael Kelly Smith is a guitar teacher- won’t Tour. Sounds like singer Tommy Paris is done with Britny Fox - won’t play with bassist Billy Childs. BUT - said he wants to bury the hatchet and play with the original 4 and Tommy Paris to bring the fans what they want - a Britny Reunion!


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