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DEE SNIDER Dons 'Stay Hungry' Outfit To Bring Attention To Australia Wildfire Relief

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider donned his classic outfit from 1984's "Stay Hungry"album to bring attention to the devastation deadly wildfires across Australia have caused, saying people in the country are "going through literal hell right now."

Snider took to Instagram to spread his message, saying in a video: "Hey, everybody. It's me, Dee Snider from TWISTED SISTER. Obviously, you should know that, because I have gotten dressed in full 1984 official, original, O.G. TWISTED SISTER 'Stay Hungry' regalia just to bring attention to what is going on in Australia. Australia has always been an incredible country for me and TWISTED SISTER — amazing people there, great people there, and they're going through literal hell right now. We all need to send hope, love, prayers and any kind of help we can. There are plenty of places online that you can go if you wanna help. People are dying, animals are dying, forests are being destroyed — millions and millions of acres.'

He continued: "So, from me to you, this is my song the way it should be sung. Others have sang it incorrectly. This is for you. All you Australians out there, join in one voice and sing with me. [Singing] 'We're not gonna take it, Mother Nature. No, we ain't gonna take it. Louder! We're not gonna take it anymore.' Keep singing. Keep fighting."

Other musicians have donated money to bushfire relief, including METALLICA, which has pledged more than $500,000, Elton John, who has pledged $1 million, and Kylie Minogue, who has pledged $500,000.

View video at the link below.

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