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SNAKE OIL AND HARMONY feat. Danny Vauhn and Dan Reed to release "HURRICANE RIDERS"

‘Hurricane Riders’ is the culmination of Danny Vaughn from ‘Tyketto’ and Dan Reed from ‘Dan Reed Network’ joining forces as ‘Snake Oil and Harmony’ and creating a record of 10 original songs that pay tribute to the music from the 70’s which inspired both of these accomplished artists. ‘Hurricane Riders’ is a full band acoustic driven album that is filled with great story telling songs that keep the soul and body groovin’!

1. The Lines Are Open 2. The Last Man Standing 3. Aberfan 4. Dance In The Heart Of The Sun 5. Another Reason 6. Damned If You Do 7. Where The Water Goes 8. Cannonball 9. Save The Day 10. Little Hercules

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