Former ACCEPT singer and ex-UDO guitarist team up for "Cacophony Of Souls"

First Trailer of the upcoming REECE Album "Cacophony Of Souls" coming March 13, 2020 !

Former ACCEPT singer David Reece has teamed up with ex-U.D.O./SINNER guitarist Andy Susemihl to record a full-length album, "Cacophony Of Souls". Joining them on the effort, which is due on March 13 via El Puerto Records, are bassist Malte Frederik Burkert(EXOTOXIS) and drummer Andrea Gianangeli (DRAGONHAMMER, SOULS UNCHAINED).

Track listing:

01. Chasing The Shadows 02. Blood On Our Hands 03. Judgement Day 04. Collective Anaesthesia

05. Cacophony Of Souls 06. Another Life Another Time 07. Metal Voice 08. Over And Over 09. Back In The Days 10. A Perfect World 11. Bleed 12. No Disguise


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