Former Asphalt Ballet frontman returns with new band The StitchPig Revival

Former Asphalt Ballet & Alligator Stew frontman Gary Jeffries, returns with new band The StitchPig Revival! A new breed of Rock / Country / Metal covered in SWAMP!

Gary has teamed up with renowned guitar virtuoso Joe Riley and drummer powerhouse Dann Norris to create a new Outlaw sound!

After spending the last year in studio... the band is ready to release their self-titled debut album. Get your copy today!

Track Listing:

01. Two Tank Model A 02. Wanna Be Like Him 03. Mag Dog Saloon 04. Rattlesnake Bite 05. Gator’s Tale 06. Bleed Broken Down 07. Gunslinger 08. The Ride 09. Apple Tree 10. Swampdog Stomp

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