HEAVENS EDGE Names Replacement for Late Bassist George “G.G.” Guidotti

As 2020 begins, Heavens Edge will enter our 33rd year as a band. In 2019 we lost our brother George.

George was always asking when the next gig was. So much of who he was stemmed from being on stage. Everyone who knew him knew how much he loved being up there under the lights. We want to honor George by keeping his memory in the spotlight and his legacy alive. We look to do exactly that in 2020 as we perform a few shows and maybe even record some new music.

We know we can’t replace George. All we can do is find someone to join us in giving it everything we’ve got the way we always have. We found someone we know George would back in bassist Jaron Gulino. Jaron comes from the Philly/Jersey area having played with the band Mach22 and most recently as the bassist for the band Tantric. Jaron is a relentless touring musician with a killer attitude and bass chops that will help Heavens Edge play at our best.

We’ll be performing on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise in February, 2020. We’ll also perform at M3 in Maryland this May.

We look forward to seeing you all again and keeping the party going in honor of our brother George.

Mark, Reggie, Steve and Dave


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