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2020 marks the 35th anniversary for the Russian heavy metal flagship ARIA

To celebrate the date, the band had planned a massive 35th anniversary tour. However, the plans had to be changed.

This year has given Aria the opportunity to re-record two of their albums in the studio. “Baptism by Fire (Reload)”

“Armageddon (Reload)”

“Why did we do it?

For the legal publication and reissue of the albums, the consent of all members of the collective who took part in their recording was required. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts by our representatives to agree on the release of albums with all musicians, such an agreement could not be reached. That is why all this time there was a gap in the group's discography at all the main musical platforms.” Throughout this summer, Aria members – Mikhail Zhitnyakov, Vitaly Dubinin, Vladimir Kholstinin, Sergey Popov and Maxim Udalov worked in their own studio, breathing new life into the familiar music. On October 16 Aria presented two new releases: “Baptism by Fire (Reload)” and “Armageddon (Reload)”! Each album contains 9 original tracks and a bonus track. Mixing and mastering for both albums was done by Maxim Samosvat. The well-known songs appear in a new way now: all instruments and vocals were completely re-recorded. This "reboot" made the band sound totally different. “Baptism by Fire” and “Armageddon” are available everywhere NOW!


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