Switchblade Romance Unleash "Old Gods’ Return" Album

Could there be any better surprise than this album? Probably not! "Old Gods' Return" is heavy, it's punk, it's touching with catchy choruses. Sure, it's kind of old school! But it is not trivial. 11 songs with outstanding song writer qualities are sure to delight any hard rock fan. When German rock legend Bonfire and long-term bass player Uwe Koehler went their separate ways at the end of 2014, hardly anyone believed that Uwe would celebrate such a brilliant comeback again. With his solo project "UK's Homage" he delivered a well-received album that made you hungry for more. Now Uwe and his new band "Switchblade Romance" release "Old Gods' Return", which again tops its predecessor. Switchbalde Romance's line-up is classic: vocals, two guitars, bass and drums. Guitarist Wolfgang Kromer has been making music since 1988, played in various cover bands before joining Uwe Koehler in October. Bassist Daniel Fehr has his roots in the Munich music scene. At the age of 14 he started playing bass under the influence of 80s hard rock and 90s grunge. His musical role models include Duff McKagan and Nikki Sixx. Lukas Lobnig on drums is the "doctor" in the band. He is trained at Drummer's Focus in Munich and graduated so far, all tests with flying colors - up to M1 (professional level). He makes no secret of his Austrian origins and masters the balancing act between genius and madness. The band's musical head is Uwe Koehler. He has by far the most professional experience. At 19, he released his first album with the band Black Tears. Another followed two years later. Here his song writer talent was revealed early on. Uwe finally went to Munich to continue his musical career. With the band Big Apple he released the album "Rock Area", which was critically celebrated. Finally, Bonfire's call came and he joined the band where he was also responsible for a number of songs. After 18 years the big bang came and they went their separate ways. With “UK’s Homage” he introduced himself as singer & song writer and he realized a long-cherished dream: a homage to his idols of the past and present. Any similarities to songs or styles of other bands are thus quite deliberate. But now – stronger than ever – Uwe Koehler is back with his new band “Switchblade Romance”. And this time he goes a bit harder pace than on the previous album.

Band Line-Up: Uwe Koehler – vocals, guitar Wolfgang Kromer – guitar Daniel Fehr – bass Lukas Lobnig – drums CD Track Listing: 1. We are One 2. Sanity & Reason 3. Leaves Counter 4. From Down Under to the Top 5. No More Limits 6. The Best Next to You 7. l am what l am 8. Fall in – Fall out 9. Way Down Inside 10. Hole in my Soul 11. Send me an Angel Social Media Links: https://www.switchblade-romance.de/

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