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TYKETTO "Strength in Numbers Live" : Album Review

Released originally in 1994, in a time when Grunge and Alternative Rock were dominating, Tyketto soldiered on and came out with possibly the best record of 1994 in Melodic Hard Rock.

Tyketto went out on the road to celebrate the "Strength in Numbers" 25th Anniversary Tour in March 2019 and was a slam dunk, with both the band and audience in prime form! All the shows had an intense, yet personable energy about them and this is fully reflected in the live CD release.

The album includes all the songs originally included on the "Strength in Numbers" album plus an unreleased song "Wait Forever" included, a song that was written during the recording session of that album but that the band never managed to record and release.

Tyketto is one of those bands that may have never gone on to break through as a household name in the late eighties and early nineties, but the mere talent contained within this five-some far surpasses a lot of their contemporaries. The band has been back for several years know recently releasing the excellent studio album "Reach" and now their second live release "Strength in Numbers Live" celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Strength in Numbers".

Danny Vaughn has one of the best voices in all of rock n roll and given this live setting only helps to showcase the difference from real talent and "studio talent". The entire band is on point and guitarist Chris Green is always fire. "Strength in Numbers Live" has a real live feel to it that makes you feel like you're there with the band in spirit. Everything a live album should be.


  1. Inherit The Wind

  2. Meet Me In The Night

  3. All Over Me

  4. Catch My Fall

  5. The End Of The Summer Days

  6. Wait Forever

  7. Ain’t That Love

  8. Write Your Name In The Sky

  9. Why Do You Cry

  10. Rescue Me

  11. The Last Sunset

  12. Standing Alone

  13. Strength In Numbers

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