SEEKER reissue "​Thunder Advocate​" EP

Just in time for the Holidays, ​Heaven and Hell Records​ (US) digs into their velvet red sack of forgotten music classics and pulls out a gem from the 80s. An all-new reissue of the EP, "​Thunder Advocate​," from the Philadelphia-area based Heavy Metal band ​Seeker​, is now available. The reissue was given the label's customary, full blown, deluxe treatment. 30 years since the EP's original release, "​Thunder Advocate​," is now available on CD and ​Heaven and Hell Records​ has spared no expense as it contains all newly re-mastered tracks, new cover artwork by artistDiego Gedoz De Souza​ and a 16-page booklet which includes rare photos, song lyrics and the story of the band.

"​This is something that none of us ever thought would happen​," said ​Seeker guitarist ​Mick Michaels​. "​Really...who would've thought that 30 years later the music would have a second life... it's amazing and proves that music never dies​," he added.

Seeker ​formed in 1986 during the height of what is now called the ​Hair Metal​ era. As the music landscape started to change, the band finally ended their original run in the early 90s.

For the EP's reissue, only a limited number of CDs have been produced for this initial release.

Track listing:

1. ​Thunder Advocate2. ​The Prophet 3. ​Midnight Tide 4. ​Metal Rage

5. ​Feel the Thunder

Is there talk of a reunion to commemorate the reissue?

"​There has been a passing word or two among some of the original band members,​ " said Michaels. "​But nothing concrete or decided upon​," he added. "​Everyone is involved in other projects at the moment. So who knows...anything is possible. We are all just grateful that this is happening...the EP finally received the release it should have gotten 30 years ago​," Michaels added.


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