RAGE "Wings of Rage" : Album Review

Few metal acts can look back at as comprehensive, multi-faceted and varied a career as Rage. Founded in spring 1983 in Herne in Germany’s Ruhr region, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist Peavy Wagner has integrated a wide range of stylistic nuances into its musical concept. There have been releases which focused primarily on hard thrash sounds, but also recordings featuring anthemnic power metal as well as albums with a – in the true sense of the word – symphonic orientation. Wings Of Rage, the latest offering by the three-piece, consists of all this and much more. Peavy and his colleagues Marcos Rodriguez (guitar) and Vassilios Maniatopoulos (drums) have succeeded in summarising the diversity and experience of almost 37 years of band history in twelve topical songs, starting a new chapter at the same time. “The material on Wings Of Rage is as colorful as Rage’s history,” confirms Peavy, “Although it’s always connected with the distinct evolvement of our strengths, in other words: with a contemporary style of playing and an ultramodern sound.”

"Wings of Rage" kicks off just like your favorite horror movie with howling winds and screams, and just like that we're off and running with a classic 80's metal track "True" setting the pace for all things to come. If you're new to the world of Rage then this track is a great place to start, highlighting the bands NWOBHM, thrash leanings and just an overall kick-ass way to start things off.

"Chasing the Twilight Zone" is another great track with some excellent lead work from guitarist Marcos Rodriguez, and with some vocals similar to early Jon Olivia and Savatage you can't go wrong.

"A Nameless Grave" changes the pace up a bit with some old school keyboards (think Blizzard of Ozz) this one is probably my favorite track from "Wings of Rage", showcasing a different pace and vibe then the majority of Wings makes this one stand out a bit more for me, and when the solo kicks in it just hits that sweet spot.

"Shine a Light" is another track in the vein of "A Nameless Grave" and would sound right at home on a later day Savatage album, and for me, that is some of the best music ever released.

Rage kicks things back up with the monstrous "HTTS 2.0" a full-throttle, balls to the wall rocker, and from there the band never lets up. Taking us home with the kick-ass tracks "Blame it on the Truth" and "For This Who Wish To Die".

This one is a must-have for fans of classic 80's heavy metal and once you've taken in all that 'Wings of Rage" has to offer, do yourself a favor and go back and discover the band's vast catalog of great releases.

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