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DIRTY SHIRLEY Featuring George Lynch and Dino Jelusic : Album Review

Croatian powerhouse singer Dino Jelusic is in high demand these days. After just one album and one covers EP released with his own band Animal Drive, Dino already started to receive calls from some of the highest rated musicians in the world. He has simply the pipes to sing everything when it comes to Hard Rock. As a matter of fact Dino has a special ear for classic US Hard Rock music so when the chance to work together with George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) has come about, he simply could not resist!

The Dirty Shirley band project therefore covers many grounds in the songwriting departments offering different influences from 80’s Metal to 70’s and 90’s sounds and covering a wide spectrum of styles (from classic Metal to more “traditional” Lynch Mob oriented sounds) showcasing George Lynch more inspired and creative than ever and the absolutely over the top vocals from Dino!

"Here Comes The King' kicks things off with a heavy ass groove and singer Dino Jelusic giving us his best Ronnie James Dio impression. It's one hell of a way to introduce the band and when the break down kicks in it takes this one to another level. We all know that George Lynch has a ton of projects going on at any given time, but damn if he shouldn't make this his full-time gig. His playing on this opening track and throughout Dirty Shirley is on point and absolutely phenomenal.

"Dirty Blues" has a more of a classic Lynch Mob feel, a smoldering rhythm and some crisp vocals and has this track hitting all the right spots.

"The Dying" While most people who initially get turned onto Dirty Shirley probably find their way there off the name of Dokken's former guitarist Lynch and his playing is amazing on this outing, it's Animal Drive/TSO sing Dino Jelusic that absolutely shines on this album. "The Dying" is just one example of many from the duos debut album that showcases the brilliance of Dino's vocal range.

"Siren Song" it's like Whitesnake meets Dokken and it appears at every turn this duo can do no wrong. "Siren Song" is another stand out track on an album full of them.

"The Voice of a Soul" is a bluesy number reminiscent of some early David Coverdale numbers. Some of George's best guitar work can be found when he slows down just a bit and lets you feel every note, and with "The Voice of a Soul" like the song says.......The voice of a soul it sets you free.

"Escalator" brings back the heavy groove of earlier tracks like "Here Comes The King" and "Last Man Standing" some great vocals and more killer riffs make this another great tune. Love everything about this one from the breakdown to the backing vocals, to the solo this one has it all.

Dino shows he can sing whatever Hard Rock style and of course Lynch offers a totally inspired performance taking also the production duties, while Alessandro Del Vecchio took care of the mix.

With a lineup completed by Trevor Roxx on bass and Will Hunt on drums, this record is simply going to take you by storm. Yes it is THAT good!


Dino Jelusic - lead vocals

George Lynch - guitars

Trevor Roxx - bass

Will Hunt - drums

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