AMAZING Releases Debut Album "Hard Rock Crazy Club"

AMAZING’s debut record straight to the heart.

Prescribing Information: INDICATIONS: good-music and Hard Rock lovers; USAGE: play it loud; CONTRAINDICATIONS: none; WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS: call your doctor for medical advice about your eardrum, we want you healthy to our future releases; FORMULA: great melodies, brilliant sound, heavy guitars, memorable songs.

AMAZING was formed in 2006 in Brasília (Brazil) by childhood friends Gustavo H Durães and Fellipe Nava a means for peforming and making 80’s Hard Rock with a modern approach (love the past but live the present, build the future), the AMAZING began its compositions and its way to the authorial music. After a lot of changes during the bands formation (been cited the ones that lasted longer: John Souza and Bruno Fonseca), somewhere back in time bassist Rodrigo R Gurgel joined the band. After a series of setbacks, AMAZING stood the test of time. Gustavo, Fellipe and Rodrigo were the stronghold of the band. Such perseverance bloomed in Amazing's first recorded material, the EP: Hard Rock Crazy Club with the help of a friend: the singer Nycholas Pontes. He couldn’t join the band but wanted a great hard rock record with his voice, we wanted a great voice within our record... as they say: “it’s a match” On October 2018, the great singer Jhonny Viana joined the band 2019 has been a great year. On May 31st the band released 'Only One' lyric video on YouTube. On June 22nd Amazing made their debut on the stage. Later on guitarist Arthur Silva reinforced the line up with a combination of great riffs and ideas. Hard Rock Crazy Club EP was released on December 11th.

THIS IS AMAZING Line-up: Jhonny Viana – vocal Fellipe Nava – guitar, background vocals Arthur Silva – guitar, background vocals Rodrigo R Gurgel – bass, background vocals Gustavo H Durães – drums, background vocals Track Listing: 1.Let Me Be Your Lover 2.Only One 3.Burn The Past 4.Hang Up High


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