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VENUSTRA Release Debut Album "Candy Apples Custom Made"

Candy Apples Custom Made is the ambitious debut album from Venustra. All written and recorded by one; Ronan Wind (stage name: Synderella Nervosa). This album is a story-driven piece that casts the listener into a wave of madness, sorrow, grief, helplessness, perseverance, and vengeance, all while under the watchful eye of the Ringmaster's faceless audience... Or so that was his mission. Frances was the latest to drop right into his world. Without a second thought, the Ringmaster flings our protagonist into a horrid coaster ride, a maze, A high wire, a seemingly dead-end path with no hope of escape, only to see why he ended up being a monster to begin with... This gives her the advantage but things do not go as expected.

Venustra was started in late 2014 in by Ronan Wind as a transition from another music project, Misery Theatre. With only a handful of backtracks of songs completed and a new perspective on making music and art, Ronan plotted the direction for the band should be that of a theatrical one. Influenced by the 70s glam rock icons, Hard rock and metal to the harder side of the visual kei and industrial, Ronans' mission was to entertain with the help of theatrical stage shows and concept albums. On top of this, he also wanted to make the point that there is more to making hard music without staying in one lane. "New American Visual" it is called. The idea is to bend and blend musical genres all across the spectrum, even if it's for just a single song while keeping the metal/rock edge. As with a stage show, he had to have a stage persona, thus Synderella Nervosa was brought up. This is the "storyteller" of the Venustra world whilst, in turn, Ronan is just the one pulling the strings from afar. In August 2015, with only one guitarist by his side and a backtrack, Synderella stepped foot on stage for the first time with a handful of completed originals and two covers by Rammstein and Alice Cooper. It was after this show that Venustra would not play for at least another two years due to personal retreat because of the insecurities of not being able to form a full band and other existential issues. Finally in 2018, after some time away, Venustra would once again play but not with a full band, still. Synderella played guitar herself to a backing track of all originals and a brand new home-made light banner with a giant V fashioned with Stringed lights and controlled with intricate DMX programming and guitar set-up. This was the start of gaining recognition around town. Later that same year, Ronan posted that Venustra was still searching for members. Enter Eamon Danzig and Ozzy Nelson. Two seasoned musicians of different backgrounds answered the call. After a few months of getting things squared away with learning and practicing, they were ready to dominate. Eamon took up the position of lead guitar and Ozzy on rhythm. With this, Synderella took the position of bass and with the exception of a single show, this was the consistent live line-up of Venustra. They first hit the stage as a trio in early 2019 opening for the Metalcore bands The Anchor and Apothica at Come and Take It Live in their home-base of Austin, Texas. Following more successful shows opening for Combichrist and Beasto Blanco, it seemed that Venustra was becoming a breath fo fresh air to the scene. Over the year, Venustra dropped a few singles and filmed two music videos for the songs "Toska/Demon" and "Fear in Varieties". In November of 2019 after several years in development, the debut album Candy Apples Custom Made was wrapped and released shortly after on December 1st, 2019. Band Line-Up: Synderella Nervosa - Visionary/Bass Guitar/Vocals Eamon Danzig - Lead Guitar Ozzy Nelson - Rhythm Guitar

CD Track Listing: 1- One and All... 2- The Ringmaster 3- Step Right Up 4- Cannival 5- Shelved 6- The Ace Note (Intermission) 7- Charivari 8- Candy Butcher 9- Popped Lights 10- Misery Theatre 11- ...All Out and Over Social Media Links:

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