NUNO BETTENCOURT states EXTREME in studio wrapping up new album due spring 2020

We havn’t released an album in 12 years. But that’s all about to change. I know I’ve been this saying for years, but as I type we are in the studio wrapping up the last song... for real. spring/summer 2020.

Havn’t been this pumped about an Extreme album since the early days. What’s it sound like? It’s heavy, its electric, it’s acoustic, it’s electronic, its about getting through loss and darkness, it’s about finding light and love, it celebrates women, it celebrates the losers, it’s eclectic, it’s Extreme...

And It’s exactly what our fans expect from an extreme album. And that is to expect the unexpected. We’ve NEVER done albums to appease anyone or stick to a formula for the numbers or for the sales. Cause if that was the case, we would have rewritten and manufactured a More Than Words clone on every album, And trust me. We were always asked to and pressured to.

Nah. Fuck that. The bands that inspired us, Queen, Zeppelin, Beatles.. from album to album they did whatever the fuck they wanted, passionately and honestly, allowing themselves to reinvent and share their music and vision truthfully, never living in the past or resting on their past success. Taking risks. And yes, knowing they might not please everyone. But that’s where your true fan comes in. When we released our debut to Pornograffitti to 3 sides to punchline... They may be surprised, shocked even, But they’ll always take that initial journey with you and embrace you for who you really are.

We create for the love of it. And whatever you get is truly where we are at in life at the time. And what we’ve always loved about our fans, is that we’ve made our rock albums without any road map or boundaries and they expect nothing less. Excited to share... and in the spirit of my guitar heroes and piers, Edward, Page, May, DiMeola and Travers, I’m going for blood on that 6 string.

Let’s goooooo!!!!!



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