Millennium are back with "A New World"

Formed in 1982 by Mark Duffy and Pete McArdle. Guardian Records released a compilation album in 1983, Pure Overkill featuring contemporaries Spartan Warrior, Tokyo Rose, Risk and Incubus, which included three tracks from Millennium. The band recorded their debut album in 1984.

Moving closer to today the band reformed in 2015 with Will Philpot on guitar. The idea of resurrecting Mark's NWOBHM band Millennium seemed an obvious course as Mark had always felt that this chapter of Metal history was not yet over. Original members were contacted, and drummer Steve Mennell and guitarist Dave Hardy were on board along with new bass player Andy Fisher. Gigs followed with a great response to the live appearances at Brofest, Live Evil and Mearfest. In February 2017 the band travelled to Coach House Studios in France to record their third album, ‘AWAKENING’, a combination of NWOBHM riffage, Heavy Metal ideals and a lyrical call to arms.

In 2019 the current line-up consists of Mark Duffy, vocals. Will Philpot and Kenny Nicholson, guitars. Nigel Waterfall-Brown, drums and Paul Simpson, bass. The band are eagerly awaiting the release of their fourth album ‘A New World’ through Pure Steel Records due to be released this October. The new album is a blend of hard metal riffs with a nod to the NWOBHM and more…. Welcome to the new Millennium! Discography

Millennium Albums

A New World - Pure Steel Records (CD, Vinyl) - October 2019 Awakening - Spiritual Beast Records (CD) - 2018 Caught in a Warzone - No Remorse Records (CD, Vinyl) - 2016 Millennium - Millennium - Re issue No Remorse Records (CD) - 2014 Millennium - Millennium - Guardian Records (Vinyl) - 1984 Pure Overkill compilation album featuring 3 Tracks from Millennium - Guardian Records – 1983


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