IGNITED Release New Album "Steelbound"

Now available on all streaming services, coming soon on physical CD, Ignited's first full album, "Steelbound". The band's proposal with this album is to make a nice, energetic heavy metal, coupled with good choruses, good melodies, catchy guitar riffs, drums and bass sounding like a rock. Ignited officially started work in January 2017 after a brief period raising some musical ideas from a distance, because not all members lived in the same state. Thus, a beginning in which there have been major changes in personal lives. By the middle of the same year, the band already had a large amount of ideas that would initially become a 2-track EP to launch into Marketplace. However, the project gained new directions and scope, with the decision to work on pre-production of a debut album, taking advantage of the good lived moment and turning it into songs that can make people become identify with the material. The theme of the band carries in their lyrics, mostly, subjects lived, experiences felt in the skin, collected and translated through metaphors and dilemmas that we may only be able to contemplate without solutions. The band seeks a connection through content authenticity lyric, and with this, also opening possibilities to various interpretations personal. Combining the themes mentioned, the proposal is to make a nice heavy metal and catchy with good choruses, good melodies and that brings energy and motivation to all get up, scream and headbang with the utmost of their individual freedoms through heavy music.

Line-Up: Denis Lima – vocals Dalton Castro – guitars Sama Benedet – bass Maurício Velasco – drums Track Listing:

1 – Ignition 2 – Pain 3 – Steelbound 4 – Living In The Dark 5 – Call Me To Run 6 – Times 7 – Ground Pounding 8 – Shining Void 9 – Roaring Gears 10 - Rotting Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/ignitedofficialband


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