HARLOW releases “Fear on the Radio” featuring Cherie Currie from the Runaways

Mickey Kravitz, frontman and songwriter from the Kansas City/Los Angeles band Harlow, re-issues three classic tracks for the holiday season including the lost gem “Fear On The Radio” featuring Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie. Arriving just in time for Christmas, fans can also download a copy of “Snow All Night,” remixed to perfection.

In the second week of November, Kravitz uploaded a lyric video for the song “Fear On The Radio” featuring Cherie Currie. Written by Kravitz with Harlow bandmate Hyland Church, the song was originally released through Retrospect Records just over a decade ago. Since being issued, Kravitz has considered the recording and thought it simply could have been mixed better. Now, in 2019, it is.

Kravitz shares, “We were really never happy with the original mixes and started talking with engineer/producer Ross Stein about going in and recording the new Harlow EP. Ross asked if he could re-mix a couple of songs first and suggested Fear On The Radio because he is just as much of a Runaways fan as I am. We also thought it would be cool to re-mix the Christmas song because, well, its almost Christmas.”

Completed just this month and made available through traditional resources, including Apple Music and Spotify, this is just the next step in the evolution of Mickey Kravitz’ music career. In 2018, the song “It Was Always You” marked the return of Kravitz to the music arena after taking a reprieve in 2012 while he built a successful business from the entrepreneur side of his creativity.

Known for putting personal feelings into his works regarding topics that have touched his life, “Fear On The Radio” is more than just a stab at pop for Kravitz. The insight injected into the song talks from his experience in the music industry and his view on how women are elevated to the top of the rock and roll ladder without having actually climbed the rungs.

“I had written this song about all these female pop artists that come out of nowhere and all of a sudden have a Number One song, most of them never paid there dues.” Kravitz shares. “They lip sync, etc.; I had written a line in the song that says ‘What gives you the right to be a rock and roll queen – without the Runaways you have no scene.’ So I ask Cherrie if she would sing on it and she said okay.”

Of Cherie Currie, Kravitz states, “I feel very lucky to have met Cherie and to have become friends with her. She is a legend in my eyes and for me, I put her right up there with Plant, Bowie, Iggy.”

Taking the opportunity to recreate some other songs where Kravitz wasn’t satisfied with the original mix produced, the 2008 Retrospect Records release of the single “Dance All Night” has also been re-worked to meet the demands of modern playback devices.

As a treat for fans this holiday season, Kravitz has also polished and re-issued the collectible track “Snow All Night.” A spin on the original “Dance All Night” track, as featured on the Main Man Records holiday collection, also in 2008, alongside some of the industry’s leading rock heroes.


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