SANDNESS have released new music video "Tell Me Tell Me"

"Tell Me Tell Me is our little homage to the Eighties, to which we owe so much in terms of music and style. This single was chosen by the audience: since the release of "Untamed" we played this song in a lot of different contexts, from metal festivals to discos, and it's been immediately clear that "Tell Me Tell Me" makes people dance and have fun. Just like the song, the music video aims at giving you a party vibe, by means of a catchy chorus and a rhythm you can definitely dance to.

Untamed' is a very melodic hard and heavy album. The people who are acquainted with our sound and that are waiting for our comeback won't be disappointed. At the same time, this album can also be appreciated by people who have never heard our music or specific genre. We tried to keep a sound with more variety and add catchier, more modern songs mixed with heavier and sleazier ones. We also think that this album shows how much we have grown as musicians and as a band, even though we are sure there's plenty more to learn and to explore."


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