HAUNT Release Title Track to Upcoming Album "Mind Freeze"

The new album "Mind Freeze" is set for release on January 10, 2020, by Shadow Kingdom Records, and you can pre-order the exclusive No Remorse Records edition of 100 copies on clear vinyl at www.noremorse.gr

Simply put, HAUNT is the new face of traditional heavy metal. Masterful despite their young years as a band, HAUNT began as a solo project of BEASTMAKER frontman Trevor William Church and promptly self-released its debut EP, "Luminous Eyes", during the summer of 2017. Not long after, the EP was picked up for physical release by Shadow Kingdom Records, and henceforth did HAUNT begin their ascent...Church's vision proved infinitely powerful and poignant: HAUNT's blend of turn-of-the-'80s heavy metal with touches of '70s hard rock positively exploded with electricity and excitement at every turn. And that electricity reached a fever pitch as the band hit the touring circuit."Mind Freeze", the third full-length album of HAUNT (that have also released two EPs and two split EPs) is the glorious sound of new expeditions explored and conquests sealed. Here, many/most of the trademark HAUNT dynamics are firmly in place - compact songcraft, immediately memorable hooks, impassioned playing, an understated emotional element that elevates everything above mere party fodder - but the band are finding yet more interesting twists to 'em. No more can one simply say that HAUNT are but a modern iteration of NWOBHM or some-such. On the righteous evidence of "Mind Freeze", the band incorporate classic metal contours, of course, but also everything from '70s synth to '90s punk, with these moody-yet-molten anthems now evincing an almost mystical quality perfectly in line with Church's always-poignant lyrics. This time around, themes include carrying the torch, adventure, stagnation, politics, love, and triumph. Likewise, Church has handed the lead-guitar torch to Tucker, who delivers one unbelievable solo after another here (Church still gets in a few - don't worry!). As if it ever needed restating, read it here: "Mind Freeze" is the sound of a full-band effort, because HAUNT is the very definition of a band - a gang of outlaws, in it to win it or go down trying.But, like anything in the HAUNT universe so far, Mind Freeze could be the next step onto something else - something grander, something greater, "something else"? - but they're making history with each and every move. So, live in the present and witness the ice-cold perfection of HAUNT's "Mind Freeze"!


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