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Tons of Rock Brings the Return of WIG WAM!

Wig Wam makes comeback on tons of rock! One of Norway's biggest rock bands in the last 20 years surprises fans with long-awaited comeback, and that on tons of rock for the summer. There they share poster with iron maiden and deep purple. - our closure in 2013 was sudden and not planned. So when the neighbor in 666 now invited to the rock party at ekebergsletta, simply " 667.. the neighbour of the beast had to accept, says wig wim in a press release. The Glamrock Band Tig Wim was formed in halden in 2001, and released three years later the debut album " 667.. the closest of the beast ". the next year they won the Norwegian final in the Melody Grand Prix with the song " in My dreams ", which was all 19 weeks on my vg list. Tickets for tons of rock can be found here:

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