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Tesla guitarist FRANK HANNON streams new single "South Side"

Frank Hannon’s latest single “South Side” is not only a tribute to his hometown hood of South Sacramento, CA, but also a homage to the very first band of musicians that Frank played and learned music with as a 12 year old kid in the 70’s.

Verse 1 of the song mentions “Me and Bobby hanging out in the park.. drinking beers and playing guitars!” This is about the late Bobby Reed (R.I.P) who was Franks best friend in 7th grade and who taught him how to play his first guitar leads. It also helped that Bobby was feared by the neighborhood thugs as he protected Frank when they hung out in the park.

Verse 2 talks of jamming in the garage with 11 year old Johnny and playing their very first gig at the Moose Lodge which had included Frank’s cousin Mike playing bass guitar! The young band didn’t even have a name yet, but the guys were sometimes called the “Cruisin’ Cousins”. Recently reunited with John Barry after 40 years .. the song has become a trip down memory lane. We hope you enjoy a trip back to the “South Side”.

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