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ASSAULT stream latest single “Kamikaze”

Canadian speed metal pioneers Assault have released official audio for the song “Kamikaze”, taken from their 10-song offering Kill For Your Life, which was released in 2018 via SCRAPE Records.

Formed in 1985, Assault gained cult-like status with their 1987 classic Survival In The Street. A second album Kill For Your Life was recorded circa 88/’89, but ultimately the band dissolved and the album was shelved until 2018, when it finally received a proper release via independent Vancouver label SCRAPE Records.

Founding members Jeff Zgaljic (guitar) and Russell Dunaway (vocals) have recently announced plans to commemorate the band’s 35th Anniversary with a special release culled from the Assault archives, with more details to be announced soon.

Guitarist Jeff Zgaljic comments: “With so much renewed interest in Assault since the release of Kill For Your Life, we thought it would make a great opportunity to celebrate the band’s 35th anniversary with a commemorative package. Exact details are still being finalized, but you expect some gems... fans of this band are in for a real treat!”


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