PERVADE Unleash new Album 'Pyrrhic'

Pervade is currently out on the top download and streaming platforms, this is their premier LP album, “Pyrrhic” opens the listener to the nostalgia of late twentieth century Alternative/Progressive Rock scene with a modern expression. Layered with complexities that invoke an inquisitive and inviting mind to join in on the journey towards the new mind rock music yet to be defined in the twenty-first century.

BIO: Pervade formed in late March 2017. Their sound embodies a blend inspired from eighty's and ninety's Alternative, Progressive and Hard Rock. They represent a generation, that in the modern age is not only misunderstood, but, often times misrepresented. Their aim is to unify audiences of all ages in to remembering what matters most in our lives. To love one another. Modern music currently has put rock and roll on the shelf as if it's time has come and gone. Pervade is striving to revitalize the rock genre and show this new generation a form of music that's given them and countless others an outlet to fully express themselves in a world that's so politically saturated with everything being misinterpreted, misquoted and misunderstood. In the end we all are one and we all 'feel' together. Open communication with love and support are what mend old wounds and make relationships stronger. Jordan Jones (lead vocalist), and brothers Dylan (bass guitar) and Tor Cronin (rhythm guitar) have been friends for years and all have had their own separate bands but never all together. That all changed with Pervade. Dylan brought another close friend of his, Matt Plueger (lead guitar) who in turn brought Lee Piatelli (drums) to the group. Having been newly formed in 2017, by the end of that year people were commenting about the band as if they had been around for years. The sound of the group already felt mature and experienced. Their impression sonically on the audience came across as an established artist coming back into the fold from a hiatus. This humbled and inspired them more which lead to the album, "Pyrrhic", which stands for the dedication, pain, and sacrifices one makes in order to fulfill one's dreams against all odds. Line-up: Jordan Jones – lead vocals Matt Plueger – lead guitar and synth Tor Cronin – rhythm guitar Dylan Cronin – bass guitar, synth, and vocals Lee Piatelli – drums Track Listing: 1.Through The Breach 2.Lead Follow 3.Shimmering Light 4.Never Listen 5.Don't Even Know 6.No More 7.Pyrrhic 8.Mausoleum 9.Triumph 10.Power Sync


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