If you’re a fan of Thin Lizzy, here’s one to check out! The debut EP by Danish/Swedish band Falling Hazard contains a Thin Lizzy-sounding version of Phil Lynott’s hit song “Old Town” as well as the original “I Lie Not”, a tribute to Phil. Classic 70s style hard rock with harmony guitars and melodic hooks. On vinyl and digital platforms only. Influences for the album: Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott, Wild Horses Track Suggestions: Old Town (Radio edit) Bio: Danish/Swedish Falling Hazard, one of Denmark’s most prolific Thin Lizzy tribute bands, have written a tribute song for Thin Lizzy’s late front man Phil Lynott, who would have turned 70 on August 20, 2019. When Thin Lizzy’s charismatic singer, composer and bassist, Phil Lynott was explaining how his last name was pronounced, he used to say “Lynott, as in I lie not”. This thus became the title of the tribute song Danish/Swedish band Falling Hazard releases on the day Phil would have turned 70, August 20, 2019. The tribute, which lyrically contains references to a number of Thin Lizzy and Lynott songs, is released as a vinyl 7” single together with a Lizzyfied hard rock version of Phil’s biggest hit in his home country, Ireland – “Old Town”. The digital release also features a bonus track – a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”. Thin Lizzy tribute band Falling Hazard is one of Denmark’s most prolific and active Thin Lizzy tribute bands, who have also been seen on Danish TV.

Falling Hazard was formed in Rodovre, just outside Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015. The band started out as a trio featuring singer/guitarist Theis, bass player Lars and drummer Juri. They started out playing all original material, but after a while they decided to start paying tribute to the legacy of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy and became a full-on Thin Lizzy tribute band. In 2017 Lars was at the birthday party of his old buddy Ken Anthony (the guy who taught Lars Ulrich what heavy metal was all about). There was a stage where musicians could jam. At the party was also Ken’s old Swedish friend Janne Stark (Overdrive, Grand Design, Locomotive Breath, Constancia etc.). They started jamming and Lars asked Janne to guest with Falling Hazard at a show in Copenhagen. At the first rehearsal it all clicked and Janne joined the band. The band is a strong quartet, where the two guitarists, Theis Henriksen and Janne Stark, have managed to capture and emulate the characteristic Thin Lizzy dual guitar harmony sound. The rhythm section consists of drummer Juri Møller Rasmussen and bass player Lars Schmidt, who captures the groove funky Thin Lizzy sound very well. Falling Hazard’s live schedule has taken a big leap since they drafted the internationally known Swedish guitarist Janne Stark. The band has played various venues and clubs in Sweden and Denmark, such as Amager Bio, Halmtorv 9, High Voltage and Zeppelin Bar in Copenhagen, Posten and Kansas City in Odense, Rockbåten in Helsingborg, , Lygten Station and lots of other places. As a quartet Falling Hazard could take on all the classic Thin Lizzy dual guitar harmony songs such as Black Rose, We Will Be Strong etc., and they soon make quite a name of themselves often called Denmark’s best Thin Lizzy tribute band. The amount of shows the band has played in Sweden and Denmark in the last two years (plus several shows already booked for 2020) is a good proof of that. Falling Hazard is now working on a full-length album featuring original material, groove-oriented seventies hard rock with a big nod to the old master, Phil Lynott and his band. Band Line-Up: Theis Henriksen - lead vocals, guitar Janne Stark - guitar Lars Schmidt - bass Juri Moller Rasmussen - drums Digital Track Listing 1- Old Town 2- I Lie Not 3- Jailbreak (digital bonus track) 4- Old Town (Radio edit) Social Media Links: http://www.fallinghazard.com


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