Canadian Rockers THE DISCARDED Release 'Sound Check And Fury'

The fourth release from The Discarded bringing their unique blend of garage inspired Rock and Roll. The album is rooted or inspired by the band’s garage inspired roots and tells the story of two stoner urban poor roommates who are doing their best in a city that’s becoming increasing more expensive and gentrified. The warehouse flats where they live are quickly being bought up and replaced by new expensive condos. Not knowing how they’ll cover rent when they go on tour at the end of the month, they come up with the clever plan to have one of them sleep on the couch as they sublet one bedroom for half the rent. Along comes the cool and sexy, Sheena who has daddy’s money so she can slum it with the seedy underside of downtown urban life. Our main character Jay ends up hooking up with Sheena as Act two begins and the two roomies hit the road on tour. Act three see Jay return to Sheena and we see if a long term relationship can work out with two people who don’t really subscribe to a traditional relationship.


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