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OZZY OSBOURNE’s New Solo Album Coming Out In January

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that Ozzy‘s new solo album will be released in January.

She spoke about Ozzy‘s health during an appearance on SiriusXM. When asked how Legendary BLACK SABBATH singer is recovering from his recent setbacks, she responded: “He’s getting there. He had a very, very bad accident this year, but he’s getting there.

“He’s just finished an album, and the album is coming out in January. And he’s doing good. He’s very excited about the duet he did with Post [Malone] and also Travis Scott. It’s doing great. It’s at Top 40 radio, and it’s climbing up every week. It’s doing good.”

In a recent interview with The Sun, Ozzy has revealed that he finished work on his next solo album.

“I’ve made a new album and it’s helped get me back on track,” he said. “I was just lying in my own self-pity for months. It’s the greatest album I’ve done.”

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