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MOTORJESUS release their storming new live album 'Live Resurrection' December 20th

There's no doubt that Motorjesus are one of the best bands when it comes to heavy rock from Germany and the guys were able to prove it with their latest studio albums. Entering the official charts in Germany with 'Electric Revelation' (# 60) and 'Race To Resurrection' (# 42) is a superb and well-deserved result. In addition to countless tours,vocalist Chris "Howling" Birx and his fellow musicians are also always a welcome guest at various festivals (e.g. Garage Sound, Summer Breeze, Rock Hard Festival, Dong Open Air, Heathen Rock and many more). A Motorjesus-concert is an event and experience that fans don't want to miss, so it's definitely time to pay tribute to this side of the band and their charismatic stage presence. 'Live Resurrection' was recorded during the last two shows of the latest tour for the 'Race To Resurrection' album in 2018/2019 and offers an ass-kicking selection of songs from over 15 years of Motorjesus. New hits (King Collider, The Damage, Re-Ignite) and old classics (Motor Discipline, King of the Dead End Road, Dirty Pounding Gasoline, Motorjesus) have found their way into the set and are oftentimes introduced by Chris and his charismatic announcements and anecdotes. It is Mr. Howling himself, whose powerful voice brims with energy throughout the whole concert and shows that he understands his craftsmanship perfectly. Not to mention a band at their best and a top-notch production - Motorjesus celebrate Rock'n'Roll and just enjoy the music and live atmosphere. The band is now back in action with a new lineup that also played the entire tour, next to the founding members of Chris on vocals and Andy on guitar, Motorjesus now welcome Patrick Wassenberg (guitar), Dominik Kwasny (bass) and Philipp Kohout (drums). There's a storm coming and Motorjesus are ready for it! The tank is full, the engine roars - 'Live Resurrection' offers over 70 minutes of high voltage rock music

Andy Peters (Guitars), Chris "Howling" Birx (Vocals), Patrick Wassenberg (Guitars), Dominik Kwasny (Bass), Philipp Kohout (Drums) Tracklisting: 01 - Intro (Live) 02 - Tales From The Wrecking Ball (Live) 03 - Motor Discipline (Live) 04 - King Collider (Live) 05 - The Dead Army (Live) 06 - Karate Interlude (Live) 07 - Fist Of The Dragon (Live) 08 - Fuel The Warmachine (Live) 09 - Re-Ignite (Live) 10 - King Of The Dead End Road (Live) 11 - Back In The Action Car (Live) 12 - Destroyer (Live) 13 - The Damage (Live) 14 - The Howling (Live) 15 - Return Of The Demons (Live) 16 - A New War (Live) 17 - Motorjesus (Live) 18 - Dirty Pounding Gasoline (Live) 19 - Outro (Live)

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