AMERICAN GLUTTON release single 'Fruit Will Rot'

American Glutton is a heavy rock/metal band based out of Jacksonville, Florida, that features four powerhouse veteran performers: Raven Cain, a solo artist in his own right as the group’s vocalist, alongside Tommy Harrison, widely known as the guitarist for Denver rock legends Dogs of Pleasure, bassist Dani Harrison, who established himself in the Denver scene as part of The Hippie Werewolves, and drummer Kirk Ferguson, well known as a member of Virginia Beach’s Conflict of Interest. After joining forces in 2016, American Glutton moved into the studio, releasing their debut Dish Served Cold in 2017. The group’s latest release, FruitWill Rot, is a seven-song EP on From the Ashes Records. Initially, the group began to find followers from students at the University of Central Florida as Tommy is a university professor who is still shredding through his lifelong love of metal. This unusual meeting of academia and heavy metal began to spread, and the band’s reputation began to grow. Cain’s fan base, whose own fans knew of him primarily through his performances of southern rock, were surprised at Cain’s versatility in a genre the fans were unaware of. For Cain however, who grew up on heavy metal, it wasn’t surprising at all. Fans of Dani’s former band the Hippie Werewolves, and Kirk’s band, Conflict of Interest, saw that their new group was an extension of the metal tradition that had forged in their respective groups.

Fruit Will Rot features a powerful, groove based approach to metal inspired by Black Sabbath and groups from the 1980s. A powerful live act, the group has expanded its sights on the heavy metal scene United Kingdom and Europe.


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