KICKIN VALENTINA Release New Single 'Sweat'

First single from the "Chaos In Copenhagen" EP, recorded in a crazy, chaotic short period in Copenhagen (which included an almost cancelled show and a label meeting, after being drinking all day, which ended in last-minute proposal to enter the studio right away), "Caos In Copenhagen" is the new EP from sleaze rock sensations Kickin Valentina. “The whole message behind our first single “Sweat” is to stay hungry & passionate about your goals in life, whatever they may be. Go balls out, f*ck the haters and never let them see you sweat!" -DK Revelle (Kickin Valentina). Three new songs and a live version of "Get Ready" (recorded at Bang Your Head Festival) are presented in the EP, which will be released in CD and vinyl on December 6th. Released on digital, CD & vinyl.

Kicking Valentina performing "Sweat" live at bike week in Daytona, FL


Webshop: Line-up: D.K. Revelle - vocals Heber Pampillon - guitar Chris Taylor - bass Jimmy Berdine - drums


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