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Michael Sweet "Ten" Album Review

Michael Sweet has easily given us his strongest solo record to date. Fans of early Stryper albums as well as Sweet's vast catalog of recent releases are sure to love ‘Ten".

Musically, it's a blistering hard rock album with great harmonies, scorching solos, catchy choruses, and fantastic songwriting!

"Ten" features guest appearances from Todd Latorre, Jeff Loomis, Gus G, Joel Hoekstra, Tracii Guns, Ethan Brosh, Rich Ward, and Marzi Montazari.

There's something for everyone to love on this album. "Better Part of Me" kicks things off with that classic Stryper guitar sound and Michael and Jeff Loomis proceed to just rip your face off with one killer lead after another. The tracks "Ricochet" featuring L.A. Guns six-stringer Tracii Guns and "Lay It Down" both have a killer vibe and finds Sweet taking things back to a more 80's sound, which is always a welcome thing. "Let It Be Love" should easily satisfy all those fans who love a great ballad. "Son of Man" features a duet with dueling vocals between Sweet and Queensryche vocalist Todd LaTorre one of the many stand out anthems.

If your looking for a great rock record to close out 2019 then look no further then Michael Sweet's "Ten".

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