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HIDEAWAY release debut album via Lions Pride Music

HIDEAWAY was formed in 2010 in Athens, Greece by the guitarist Dinos Georgiou (ex- Metallist) and keyboardist Peter Papadimatos. Later on, Harris Georgiou joined the band taking the place behind the drumkit. Over the next years, the band worked on their songs and at the same time they were in search for the rest of the band members.This task very hard, especially for the most important place, that of the Singer, as the band had difficulty in finding permanent members. Despite that, Dinos,Petros and Harris decided, in 2016, not to give up but on the contrary, to move the band one step forward, which meant hiring a session Singer who would be able to understand their dream and deliver what they were looking for, concerning their music. They found Manos Fatsis, an experienced Singer in the era of Hard Rock and Metal and together they started working on their songs which finally, after all these years, began to sound as the band had wanted. At that time, Johnnie Kontos (ex- Flying Mercury) joins the band as the Bass Guitarist and one year later the band, in order to make their music sound more solid and thorough, welcomed the guitarist Dimitris Paloudis (Rock Bottom) as the final piece of the Hideaway puzzle. The band entered the studio for the recording of their first album in 2017 and a year later, they signed up with the Danish Melodic Hard Rock record label “Lions Pride Music” for the release of their debut album in September 2019! In the meanwhile the band introduced themselves to the Greek audience by supporting concerts of great international and Greek Artists of their music genre, like “Paul Laine”, “Newman”, “George Gakis” and more…


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