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CRYSTAL VIPER release their new album 'Tales Of Fire And Ice' on November 22nd

CRYSTAL VIPER is a female fronted heavy metal act from Poland, founded by the singer, guitarist and composer, Marta Gabriel. Regular touring and festival appearances in more than 15 countries, 6 studio albums, and multiple singles and EP releases since 2007 have, established their position and made them known as one of the most hard working and determined bands of their generation. While the band is often labeled as an NWOTHM act (new wave of traditional heavy metal) their new album, "Tales Of Fire And Ice", presents a different approach. New songs are heavier, more intense and darker, but also more melodic. The album includes 9 tracks and both the CD and vinyl LP versions will include exclusive, different bonus tracks. Songs such as 'Still Alive' or 'Under Ice', based on catchy riffs and unforgettable choruses, are the future Crystal Viper concert classics while power metal monsters such as 'Crystal Sphere' or 'One Question' will satisfy the most demanding headbanger. The title of the album refers to the lyrics inspired by legends, mysterious stories and secrets of the world, such as Bermuda Triangle, the Dyatlov Pass incident, alien abduction etc. The cover photo was taken by the famous Belgian photographer Tim Tronckoe, known for his cooperation with acts such as NIGHTWISH, DELAIN & EPICA.

CRYSTAL VIPER released their new single 'Still Alive', check out the video for it here:

Marta Gabriel (vocals, guitars), Andy Wave (guitars), Eric Juris (guitars), Blaze J. Grygiel (bass), Tomek Danczak (drums) Producer: Rafal Kossakowski, Bart Gabriel Cover Artwork: Andreas Marschall Studio: Kosa Buena Studio Photographer: Tim Tronkoe


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