GLORYHAMMER Unveil 'The Land of Unicorns' Lyric Video

The thrilling third chapter of the GLORYHAMMER saga - Truly the greatest power metal album of all time!

Mighty warriors of the galaxy, the time has come: Gloryhammer have forged their third album! The next thrilling chapter of the heroes around mastermind Christopher Bowes (Alestorm) awaits! The spies of Emperor Zargothrax are everywhere, which is why Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex has been secretly recorded in an undisclosed location in the highlands of Scotland with producer Lasse Lammert. Mighty fanfares guide the listener into his journey through the Terrorvortex – and only the bravest warriors will make it out of this maelstrom, clad in triumphant power metal and epic orchestral backgrounds. Could there be a more hypnotizing and beautiful place than the gloriously symphonic ‚Land of Unicorns‘? We doubt it.



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