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Planet of Rhythm’s second full length album “Damaged Goods” out now

Now available on all your favorite streaming services and on physical CD, Planet of Rhythm’s second full length album “Damaged Goods” continues their hard rocking, foot stomping blues and classic rock music. Driving beats, overdriven guitars and memorable choruses will get you moving your feet, driving faster and longing for those wonderful sixties and seventies as blues influenced the greatest rock bands of the time.


Formed in 2014, Planet of Rhythm rose from a shared vision of get down blues rock that is never far from our fan’s playlists. People who love the simplicity and yet drive of old school music designed to get you moving while sending a message, will love this band’s straight forward approach. Planet of Rhythm always includes some more eclectic numbers and even a country tune or two and thus their albums are meant to be listened to in the whole, rather than just a group of singles. While definitely a throwback to the days when music was performed by humans, unadulterated with auto-tune and over production, Planet of Rhythm has something for everyone who just loves to rock and roll. Singer, Songwriter Doug Hafford founded Planet of Rhythm and brought demo songs to the team at Exposition Studios. There, the band formed its core family and have been together making music ever since. The musical goals were quickly shared by the entire band, hand-picked by Greg Thomas, owner of Exposition Studios bringing arranging, production, bass and guitar talents. Elliott Jason of Two Way Light added nuanced guitar sensibilities and soaring solos to the music while Chad McKinsey of Kinsey Ry added complex, driving drum beats and percussion. The band was completed by adding the incomparable recording star Juliet Roberts vocal talents to the mix. The first record met with some success making playlists, broadcast radio spots and local fans. Two and one half years later, the second release Damaged Goods blew up almost immediately reaching over 100,000 streams in just two months after release. The band has one goal. Have a great time making music and bring that sensibility to blues rock fans around the world. Line-up: Doug Hafford – lead vocals Elliot Jason – lead guitars Greg Thomas – guitars and bass Chad McKinsey – drums Juliet Roberts – Lead and backup vocals Track Listing: 1.Blues Bar Band 2.Damaged Goods 3.Bootleg (Creedence Clearwater Revivial Cover) 4.Walkin’ Home (feat. Brian Wetzstein – Pedal Steel Guitar) 5.Your Possession 6.Voodoo Woman 7.The Running Song 8.Road Angel 9.Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White Cover - feat. the Pomona Horns) 10.Shades of Blue 11.Forest Glen (feat. Juliet Roberts lead vocals) 12.Sunday Road (feat. Michael Sweeney – keyboards) Social Media Links:

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