KINGS OF DUST Feat. Former Badlands Bassist Greg Chaisson to Release Debut Album

Pre orders for the new self titled CD "Kings of Dust" will be made available for pre-order today. Check out Kings of Dust Facebook page for more details.

Kings of Dust is an original Hard Rock Band formed by former Badlands/Red Dragon Cartel bassist Greg Chaisson with vocalist Michael Thomas Beck, guitarist Ryan McKay and drummer Jimi Taft!

1. Like An Ocean 2. Upon Reflection 3. What's The Other 4. The Devil Made Me Do It 5. My Piece Of Mine 6. Let The Ugly Through 7. Yours Not Mine 8. Ya That's Me 9. Buy You 10. Mama 11. Wolves 12. A Touch Of Insanity. 13. Keep The Spirit Alive.


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