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LIV SIN Unveil New Video"Hope Begins To Fade"

Following on from the acclaimed ‘Follow Me’ album, Swedish quintet Liv Sin, led by the unmistakeable vocals of Liv Jagrell (ex. Sister Sin), the band return with the powerful and hard-hitting album ‘Burning Sermons’. Channeling their love of classic heavy metal with a bruising modern edge, ‘Burning Sermons’ is a riff-heavy collection; showcasing the band’s innate ability to match melody with aggressive metal with ease. Liv is in particularly fine form throughout, with a voice equally capable of capturing your heart as it is knocking buildings to the ground!

Just like with their previous album, the band invited a guest artist on ‘Burning Sermons’ to sing with Liv in a memorable duet. On the focus track, ‘Hope Begins to Fade’, Liv got company by Björn “Speed” Strid, the well-known singer of Soilwork and The Nightflight Orchestra. The band's comments on the collaboration with Björn; "For a heavy bombastic song like 'Hope Begins to Fade' that features orchestral elements we wanted to find a cool contrasting voice to Liv, and Björn's name came up when we were discussing guests for the album with our label. His deep growls and marvelous clear voice was the ultimate combination to lift this song to the next level and it fit seamlessly with Liv's tone. His impressive skills from actually both Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra shines through here, which added that extra punch to the song. It was the perfect match!"


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