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JUNKYARD unleashes lost 1992 album on November 22

Junkyard opens the vault and blows the dust off a killer collection of recordings slated as the follow up to 1991's "Sixes, Sevens and Nines." Recorded in Los Angeles in 1992, "Old Habits Die Hard" features Brian Baker, David Roach, Chris Gates, Todd Muscat, Patrick Muzingo and Tim Mosher. Available on Digipak CD and BEER COLORED VINYL on November 22, 2019. Pre-orders receive 2 BONUS JUNKYARD STICKERS.

Track Listing:

1. Introduction 2. Pushed You Too Far 3. Out Cold 4. Tried & True 5. Fall To Pieces 6. Blue Sin 7. Holdin’ On 8. Staredown 9. I Come Crawling 10. Hangin’ Around 11. Take Me Home 12. One Foot In The Grave

Pre-order HERE


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