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Corners of Sanctuary Complete Summer Tour and Plan for a Live Release

The Philadelphia Heavy Metal quartet Corners of Sanctuary (COS) recently completed their summer "What We Leave Behind" Tour which included East Coast shows with the Bulletboys and Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper as well as a West Coast run of dates that had them performing at the legendary Whisky A Go Go supporting the Iron Maidens. "It has been an amazing summer for us," said COS bassist James Pera. "We are still taking it all in... The show at the Whisky was without a doubt a major highlight for this band," he added. Since the Fall of 2017, Corners of Sanctuary has been on a non-stop schedule that has had them on a mini European tour in 2018, three West Coast tours, a short New England tour earlier this year, as well as releasing two albums last year, three singles this year and several music videos - not to mention a couple of lineup changes. Yet the band presses on and has still found time to begin work on their next full-length record.

"We started working on the next album back in February," said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. "A lot has happened since then so we plan to take the remainder of the year and get it completed. I doubt we will be doing anymore shows right now ‘til it's done...but you never know. We owe it to ourselves and the fans...the music takes precedence," he said. The band plans to release the new album, “Heroes Never Die,” sometime in 2020. No exact date was given. “We’re looking forward to getting back in the studio,” said COS drummer Mad T. “It will be a good change of pace,” he added. In the meantime, COS has announced they are also working on releasing a compilation of live recordings from various shows over the last two years. Recording highlights could include shows from Germany and Belgium as well as recent performances at the Rainbow and Whisky A Go Go in LA among others.

"Doing a live release is something we have been talking about for a couple of years," said Michaels. "We did do one back in 2014, but it didn't really turn out the way we we are keeping our fingers crossed," he continued.

"We have so many hours of live recordings, we are positive we will have some good stuff to work with this go around," injected Pera. "It's a chance for us to share a more stripped down, raw side of the music...what better way than with live recordings," he added.

COS looks to release the live EP later this Fall. The band also announced recent endorsements with GHS Strings and Coffin Case. When asked about the previously mentioned release of the new EP "What We Leave Behind," Michaels said "It's still something we are planning to do...most of it's already recorded... Sometimes, though, things get reprioritized. But we have a policy that nothing is left on the will see the light of day."

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