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BURNT OUT WRECK release new single & lyric video for 'Dead Or Alive'

'Dead Or Alive' is a huge, riff riddled, classic good time rock 'n' roll tune and one that's guaranteed to get you shaking off the dust and headbanging in serious fashion! A cracking track and an absolutely blitzing way for Burnt Out Wreck to start the lead in to the release of their second album. 'This Is Hell' sees the band ratcheting up the pace with this foot stomping, ball busting hard rock album that'll give the best of them a run for their money! Quote from Gary Moat: "This is Hell, the title says it all. It’s a hard hitting, fast paced and more focused album. It’s an angry set of songs that follows on in the same vein as Swallow, but a bigger sound. It has drained me mentally and physically, made in eleven days start to finish, I cracked the whip on the entire band & they agreed it was worth it!"

BIOGRAPHY: Gary created BURNT OUT WRECK in the summer of 2016. After penning songs for the debut album, he ventured into the studio under the watchful eye of Steve Rispin (Asia), and with Gary’s determination to create good time classic rock, the album ‘SWALLOW’ took shape and was released early 2017. After plenty of promotion and hard work touring the UK, the band returned to the studio to record the follow up, 'This Is Hell', a fierce, hard rocking album with a heavy punch and one that sees the band take a big leap forward. Gary has a colourful history as the drummer and main songwriter for Heavy Pettin’, but for BURNT OUT WRECK he has traded the drum stool for the microphone and has a hugely talented band playing alongside him. Gary's vocal style developed in Mother’s Ruin, the band that rose from the ashes of Heavy Pettin’ in 1991 but in 2014, he shut the that band down in favour of song writing. BURNT OUT WRECK’S inception was unexpected but welcome! ROCK AINT DEAD.... Burnt Out Wreck are: Gary Moat - Lead Vocals, Alex Carmichael - Bass, Paul Gray - Drums, Adrian Dunn - Lead Guitar, backing vocals, Miles Goodman - Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals

Tracklisting for 'This Is Hell': 1. Dead Or Alive 2. Positive 3. Paddywack 4. Headfuck 5. Guitars Electrified 6. This Is Hell 7. Rock Hard Sticky Sweet 8. Just A Dog 9. Snow Falls Down

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