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FINAL HOUR Release New Album "Hard Days"

Now available on most digital platforms, as well as physical CD, Final Hour’s debut album, “Hard Days.” “Hard Days” is a concoction comprised of a little bit of thrash, a little bit of punk, and a lot of hard rock. With this hard-rocking, surefire combination, Final Hour creates the album you didn’t know you needed. BIO: Conceived in 2014, Final Hour’s goal is simple: to rock every stage, every night, and they do just that. With music hearkening back to the greatest days of hard rock and heavy metal, and an awesome stage presence, Final Hour is everything you look for in a rock band. While they were officially started in 2014, Final Hour’s story really begins nearly a decade prior, when Ryan Pahlow (lead guitar, vocals) met Joe Kast(bass guitar, vocals) while they were both attending high school. They became great friends and developed a chemistry unlike any other. Fast forward a few years, and Ryan and Joe began pondering the idea of starting a band. This is where Troy Popp(rhythm guitar, vocals) and Scott Downs(drums) enter the picture. Presto, FInal Hour was born! They started out playing cover songs for free drinks in cramped bars, but soon began writing their own original music. As time moved on, they wrote more songs, played more gigs and drank more beer, but they still had yet to record any of their music. Then, in 2016, they attempted to lay down some tracks, but, due to a number of circumstances, it didn't turnout. Then, to add insult to injury, Scott was forced to leave the band due to a back surgery. The future of Final Hour was uncertain, to say the least. Enter Jason Krueger-Rhode, a well known local drummer. When Scott left, Jason stepped in and excelled in his new role as the drummer of Final Hour. Over the next two years, Final Hour continued to write and refine their music, and then, finally, in December of 2018, a dream came true. Final Hour recorded their debut album “Hard Days” in Marshfield, Wisconsin, with producer Doug Kroening, and engineer Jon Patefield. After the initial recording sessions, the album would take over six months to complete designing and production. In the meantime, Final Hour Was busy rocking the stage with bands like Black Stone Cherry and 20 Watt Tombstone. As of right now, Final Hour is preparing for the last few gigs of 2019, and getting ready to book gigs in 2020.

Line-up: Ryan Pahlow - vocals, lead guitar Joe Kast - vocals, bass guitar Troy Popp - vocals, rhythm guitar Jason Krueger - Rhode-drums Track Listing: 1. The Fog 2. Never Said 3. Hard Day 4. Hourglass 5. Sweat Bleed Die 6. Werewolf Man 7. Out Of Time 8. Heavy Metal Thunder 9. Let’s Go 10. Shortcut 11. Rider Of Death 12. Last Ride


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