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Rosy Vista's Anca Graterol - Interview

Firstly, Thank You for your time today; I really appreciate it. HBH: 2019 has seen the triumphiant return of Rosy Vista. Why now after so many years away? Anca: Well, we tried to reuniteall over these years , but it was something that stopped us, something that put obstacles in our way. An inner voice told us: “Not now! Your time is gonna come” ☺ We are really happy that we succeeded.

It’s not like we stopped making music. Not at all! Each of us had her own project. Sometimes two of us played the same band, but not under the name of Rosy Vista. In 2002 we started a reunion, but it only last for a short time. In 2008 we gave another try and finally the 2017 the first show with “the old/new” Rosy Vista ☺

HBH: It seemed the band had some real momentum building from 1985-1988. What was the reason the band decided to walk away in 1988?

Anca: Actually, the band exists since 1983, but our first live-performance was in 1984 and we didn’t walk away in 1988 … In 1988 our lead singer, Andrea Schwarz, left the band because of an unexpected illness: Anorexia. We tried to keep the band alive and found some new singers, but the magic was gone. The cooperation with our record company was a nightmare too … that’s why Rosy Vista quit in 1990.

HBH: The new album “Unbelievable” is fantastic! You’ve added six new songs, 5 re-recorded tracks from your original 1985 EP, and one live song. Can you talk about the decision to re-record songs from your “You Better Believe It!” EP?

Anca: First, thanks for the compliment ;)

One day – not too many years ago - a fan came to me and asked: do you own a “You better belive it” CD? I thought he was joking. We only had Vinyl in 1985…But then, I realized that this was a good question ‘cause I got the idea to make a CD with our 5 EP songs plus some old material witch never had been realized. I asked the girls and the answer was a big YES …

HBH: Were the new songs solely written for “Unbelievable”, or are they songs you had left over from back in the early years of the band?

Anca: All songs were waiting the last 30 years to be released now. In the 80’s we were unfortunately not able to release a complete album. But it’s never too late to Rock’n Roll. More, new songs, written now are waiting for the second release.

HBH: What has the reaction been this time around to the new album and live shows?

Anca: To be honest, this time the whole recording process was a huge fun for all of us.

We were so in love with our new project that we only heard positive words.

Surely there was some people that didn’t like us but we didn't notice the negative waves. You know how it is when you’re in love! You look through the rosy glasses ☺..

We know that we won’t sell millions of albums, but that was/is not the reason why we restarted our band. The shows till now were really great!

HBH: The music scene, and music business has changed dramatically since the band was last out touring and recording, can you tell us about some of the differences good or bad?

Anca: I only can say that for 30 years being a rock musician was a great status… and being a Rock-Lady was … wow, something totally rare … We were the first All Girl-Rock band in Germany … and maybe still the only one ☺ wihout talking about tribute / cover bands.

What is bad and what is good? … Everything is different

…I can’t even count the differences ‘cause it takes too much time…

Well, I know what’s good for us: it’s good to have a band-history and to be together again.

HBH: You’ve been involved with a few other musical projects over the years, are you currently working with any other bands or is Rosy Vista 100% of your focus now?

Anca: I‘m playing currently in one more band called “Ignore the Sign” together with: Ossy Pfeiffer, Steve Mann (Michael Schenker Group,The Sweet ,etc), Lars Lehmann (Uli Roth, Vinnie Moore, UFO etc), Kristoph Hinz(Pee Wee Ellis, Marla Glen, Gwen McCrae,etc) and Mome Boe(Pee Wee Ellis, Marquess,etc) … but this band is Ossy’s baby , my baby is Rosy Vista ☺… and I’m singing together with Ossy Pfeiffer - the hymn of Hannover's Bundesliga team The 96-ers – in front of 50,000 people at every home game. That’s a crazy feeling I’m waiting to have so many people on Rosy Vista shows, yeah! Half of the audience would be ok too ;))))))

HBH: I have the album on vinyl and was wondering what your thoughts are on this vinyl revolution we seem to be having? As a consumer are you a cd, vinyl or digital person?

Anca: I’m definitely a “all of those “consumer, and in my opinion each one of those 3 has its own charm and meaning … You know, our first Album was on Vinyl and I was sad that we don’t have it on CD … Now I’m proud to have “Unbelievable” as LP and CD … maybe digital is not so interesting, because it’s nice when you can touch the album :D

HBH: Are there plans for more Rosy Vista albums in the future?

Anca: Sure! As I told you before new songs, written now are waiting for the second release.

I engineered and produced “Unbelievable” all by myself and I can’t wait to start the second album. It’s a great challenge for me.

HBH: What does the remainder of 2019 look like for Anca Graterol and Rosy Vista?

Anca: Hey, that’s a good question? ☺ Rosy Vista have just received today a request to go on tour in Germany, together with xxx band, in November and December… I can’t betray you yet witch band invited us to tour with as special guest but soon it will be announced on our Rosy Vista pages.

HBH: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Anca: “Just give me bread and water, put a guitar in my hand

‘cause all I need is music and a free electric band” - Albert Hammond

HBH: On behalf of everyone here at I’d like to wish you all the best for the future.

Anca: We thank for support! Rock on!

Anca Graterol & Rosy Vista

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