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San Francisco Bay Area power trio the BEER SCOUTS defines raw rock and roll

Out now on CD and all your favorite streaming services, “Black Point Lulu” from San Francisco Bay Area power trio the Beer Scouts defines raw rock and roll: guitar, bass, drums… and someone screaming over it! Featuring blues and straight-ahead rock & roll influenced by the Beatles, Brownsville Station, Cheap Trick, the Smithereens, Grand Funk Railroad, Chuck Berry, and even the Monkees, this explosive debut shows the Beer Scouts are on a mission to bring the fun back to rock & roll music. Their motto: “Will Rock For Beer”! BIO: The Beer Scouts are Rob Ruiz (bass, vocals), Howard Vatcher (guitar, vocals) and Ken Susan (drums, vocals). Growing up in Humboldt County California they each played in rival bands: Rob in the power trio Rolls Rock, Howard in a modern rock quintet The Science, and Ken in the mellow rocking Rolling Bob. They moved separately to the San Francisco Bay Area and found themselves reunited as members of the Sorentinos, an Americana band fronted by singer/songwriter Danny Sorentino. Before the birth of the Beer Scouts, the members shared the stage with the biggest names in rock music, including Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan and many more. They played a wide range of venues, from the Concord Pavilion to New York’s Bitter End, from hometown bars to London pubs. Rob, whose influences include Bill Wyman and Paul McCartney, longed to return to stripped down rock & roll, so in 2016 he recruited Howard and Ken to form the Beer Scouts. Howard grew up idolizing Clapton, Beck, Page, and Hendrix, while Ken came from the world of jazz and R&B. Inspired by power trios of the Sixties and Seventies, they have rocked dive bars and brew pubs the length and breadth of California and beyond. In 2019 they decided to immortalize their exciting brand of rock, so they began recording their debut album “Black Point Lulu”, a muscular collection of original rockers. The album explodes from the start with the anthemic “Let’s Drink Some Beer” with Rob on lead vocals, followed immediately by the Howard’s thumpy blues lament “I Spent It All On You”. Rob snarls his gritty lyrics on the atmospheric title track, written during the recording sessions. “New Bad News”, co-written by Rob and Howard, swaggers with AC/DC crunch. “Backbone Juice” punches with its praise of alcohol-fueled courage, leading into the energetic “Love Gone Good”. The head banging “Guess It’s True” shows off some rootsy blues licks, while “She Wants Me” sparkles with its unabashed power-pop. “Dancing In The Desert”, also written during the frenzied sessions, uses its heavy riffs to transport the listener to a barren rocky world. The chunky “Don’t Ask Me If I Care” precedes the up-tempo funk of “Social Pressure” featuring a short but manic guitar solo. The album wraps up with the richly textured instrumental “Blue Tide”. The entire collection shines with unforgettable hooks and stellar musicianship, but mostly a bad attitude. Audiences have reacted enthusiastically to this dynamic declaration from a band that shows the promise of great things to come. Band Line-Up: Rob Ruiz – bass, vocals Howard Vatcher – guitar, vocals Ken Susan – drums, vocals CD Track Listing: 01. Let’s Drink Some Beer 02. I Spent It All On You 03. Black Point Lulu 04. New Bad News 05. Backbone Juice 06. Love Gone Good 07. Guess It’s True 08. She Wants Me 09. Dancing In The Desert 10. Don’t Ask Me If I Care 11. Social Pressure 12. Blue Tide Social Media Links:

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