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New FREDDIE MERCURY Box Set ‘Never Boring’ To Be Released on October 11th

To mark what would have been Freddie Mercury’s 73rd birthday today (5th September), an expansive new box set called ‘Never Boring’ has been announced.

Released in the UK on Friday 11th October via Virgin and costing £77.99, the box set collates Freddie Mercury’s music, visuals and written and spoken words.

Consisting of three CDs with 32 tracks, and a Blu-ray and DVD featuring 13 promo videos and interviews, the musical collection has been compiled and produced by Queen’s long-term sound team Justin Shirley-Smith, Kris Fredriksson and Joshua J Macrae, who recently co-produced the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack album.

The first CD entitled ‘Never Boring’ is a 12-track compilation of Freddie Mercury solo track, while disc two is a special edition of Freddie’s only solo album ‘Mr. Bad Guy’ from 1985.

The third disc is a nine-track edition of ‘Barcelona’ boasting Freddie’s iconic performances with Spanish operatic soprano Montserrat Cabelle, and the Blu-Ray and DVD features a variety of Freddie Mercury promotional videos, live performances and an interview.

Augmenting the music, there is a 120-page 10”x10” hardback book containing rarely seen photos, thoughts and quotes from Freddie himself, and an introduction from actor Rami Malek, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Additionally, the specially created insert packaging includes a double-sided poster featuring a photo of Freddie plus an original work from synesthetic artist Jack Coulter inspired by the song ‘Mr Bad Guy’.

The full track-listing is as follows:


1. The Great Pretender 2. I Was Born To Love You 3. Barcelona 4. In My Defence 5. Love Kills 6. How Can I Go On (Single Version) 7. Man Made Paradise 8. Living On My Own (Radio Mix) 9. The Golden Boy (Single Edit) 10. Time Waits For No One 11. She Blows Hot And Cold 12. Made In Heaven


1. Let’s Turn It On 2. Made In Heaven 3. I Was Born To Love You 4. Foolin’ Around 5. Your Kind Of Lover 6. Mr. Bad Guy 7. Man Made Paradise 8. There Must Be More To Life Than This 9. Living On My Own 10. My Love Is Dangerous 11. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow


1. Barcelona 2. La Japonaise 3. The Fallen Priest 4. Ensueño 5. The Golden Boy 6. Guide Me Home 7. How Can I Go On 8. Exercises In Free Love 9. Overture Piccante


1. Made In Heaven 2. The Great Pretender 3. Living On My Own 4. Barcelona 5. I Was Born To Love You 6. Time Waits For No One 7. In My Defence 8. Living On My Own (Radio Mix) 9. The Golden Boy (La Nit performance, Barcelona) 10. How Can I Go On (La Nit performance, Barcelona) 11. Barcelona (La Nit performance, Barcelona) 12. Freddie Mercury & Dave Clark “Time” Interview (Bonus Video) 13. The Great Pretender (Extended Version) (Bonus Video) 14. Barcelona (Ku Klub performance, Ibiza) (Bonus Video)


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