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BadName Release New Album 'Are You Ready For Me'

BadName's first full-length album is a traditional, albeit contemporary-bound album. The sounds and moods of Hard Rock, Southern Rock and Country comes directly from Northern experiences. Riffs and rhythms are the basis of the songs. Each song seeks to bring out the message and the soul. BIO: Founded in 2015, BadName wants to bring old hard rock to their music and add some blues to their melodic songs. In Finland, such music is hardly heard anywhere. BadName brings new winds to it and wants to bring real rock back to people's ears and hearts. A mixed group of old music buddies summoned by Kari Haajanen for his 50th birthday party. A few weeks after the party, Haajanen wondered if the band would become something because all the players were good musicians. The group got back together and for the first time they noticed something was happening right now. Songs began to be created right from the first training sessions. The drums came with Timo Welling, who played several more instruments and was therefore a great addition, especially to the arrangement work. Bass by J-P Nokkonen with his own special upsrtike with his playing technique. For vocals and guitar Timo Laakso, whom Haajanen knew to be a skilled composer and songwriter. This way he got a companion buddy to make new songs. From the very first rehearsals, Bunnyboy was born and at the same time determined the direction of the upcoming songs. As the new songs started to get really fast, even the gigs at the local clubs and pubs started. The concert set always included fewer and fewer covers and the band's songs filled the gig quite quickly. Drummer's replacement came when Timo Welling couldn't continue due to work issues and was replaced by a hard-hitting Tommi Takkinen in summer 2018. In 2019 recordings Jouni Valo was singing backing tracks for the record. The band noticed Jouni is important part in live performances as well, so he joined the band as a regular with his excellent guitar skills.


Timo Laakso – vocal, guitar Kari Haajanen – lead guitar, vocal Jouni Valo – guitar, vocal J-P Nokkonen – bass Tommi Takkinen – drums Track Listing: 1. Are You Ready For Me 2. Don’t Waste My Time 3. Bunnyboy 4. Rusty Nails 5. Bad Day Boogie 6. Moonshine Road 7. Hurley Burley Woman 8. Cowboy Song 9. Gates Of Hell 10. Bonfire

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